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18th Century Medicine Practices in Colonial Williamsburg


In colonial times, a doctor was known as an apothecary. Yet these apothecaries were more than just doctors. They prescribed medical treatment and medicine, trained apprentices, performed surgery, and served as man-midwives.


Apothecaries made house calls to treat patients. Apothecaries also used to MAKE medicine for patients – just think, they didn’t have to wait at a drug store for their prescription to be filled! How convenient. Continue reading

The Brand New Williamsburg Pottery

Just about every local person around Williamsburg has visited the Williamsburg Pottery. But what most remember are dusty, sweltering surroundings, and digging through old bins for merchandise. The Pottery came to its lowest point in 2008, and the buildings and 1,200 acres were on the real estate market for $25 million. When that didn’t work out, “Kim Maloney and Peter Kao had a vision to re-create the Pottery in a new way.” says spokesman Linda Stanier.


As dramatic as the Williamsburg Pottery’s reinvention is on the outside, wait until you see the inside. Continue reading