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What IS the Cure for the Refractory?



The Boston Tea Party, along with other protests in the American Colonies, led to Britain’s demanding the right to tax, and this increased the Colonists’ stubborn resistance and defiance to pay any levy. Many posters and newspapers printed in England mocked, commented, and pictured (much like our editorial cartoons we have today) the events that led to the American Revolution. Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your History?

John “The Tory” Randolph and his brother Peyton Randolph were born in Williamsburg, VA, into one of the most prominent families in Virginia. John was very close friends with his cousin, Thomas Jefferson. John was one of Virginia’s best-trained attorneys, and he climbed the ladder of civic responsibility toward authority. He became a member of the city’s council, and then a burgess for the College of William & Mary. When his older brother Peyton was elected speaker of the House of Burgesses, John took his place as the colony’s attorney general. Peyton went down the road to rebellion, John did not follow. Continue reading