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Brush Up on Some Colonial History!


In 1607 the first permanent English settlement was started in Jamestown Virginia with 104 men and boys sponsored by the Virginia Company.  Today at  Jamestown Island the story is told of the hardships that the early settlers endured.  Disease, starvation, harsh winters and Indians all played a part in our history.  Excavations began in 1994 with the hopes of finding some evidence of the original 1607 James Fort, for over two centuries thought lost to river shoreline erosion. Today, archaeologists have rediscovered much of the fortification and have recovered over a million artifacts – many that can be seen in the museum that tell the true story of Jamestown. 


Next door to Jamestown Island is the Jamestown Settlement that tells the story of the people who founded Jamestown  and of the Virginia Indians they encountered, told through film, gallery exhibits, and living history. 



Williamsburg was the Capital of Virginia from 1699 until 1780 when then Governor Thomas Jefferson moved the capital of Virginia to Richmond.  In the history of Virginia, Virginians have had three Capital cities, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Richmond.  During the Colonial period of Williamsburg people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry, George Wythe and Peyton Randolph walked the streets, made the laws and spoke of revolution.  Today Colonial Williamsburg is a living history adventure.


Just down the Colonial Parkway is Yorktown where the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War was fought and ended with Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781.  Immerse yourself in 300 years of Yorktown history.  Here you can experience 18th century homes, revolutionary battlefields, and museums offering hands-on history programs and exhibits.


Ghosts, we have them, too, and we love to tell the stories – but don’t forget your camera, at night things do go bump in the dark and amazing images can be captured on your camera.


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